A website to help manufacturers prototype new products and meet unexpected demand

TMCCL are an established Leeds based company who sell rolled aluminium internationally. They specialise in supplying small batches at last-minute notice to fill supply shortcomings (‘panic supply’), to allow small-scale prototyping and to meet unusual specifications.

Leeds-based graphic designer Kris Howes designed their website to make these three distinct offerings obvious to visitors, backed up by case studies for each one and a range of bespoke icons. It was also important that customers could see detailed specifications for the stock which TMCCL carry: Kris designed some beautiful specification tables which were a fun challenge to code.

Kris frequently partners with me, trusting that my code will stay true to his designs - I’m a designer as well as developer and he knows that I will sweat the details. We were both really happy with the finished TMCCL site, as was the client.

TMCCL homepage
TMCCL case
Product details
Specification tables

That’s a wrap.

But there are more case studies here if you were enjoying the read.

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