Looking for a simple to-do app that you’ll actually use? Try Teux Deux.

Screenshot of Teux Deux

To-do lists. Definitely something a person with a memory like mine can’t live without. But I’d never had much luck: pen seemed the easiest way, but I soon found myself surrounded by scraps of paper, except the scrap I needed. Evernote, Thunderbird, iCal – all effective, but I was never forced to look at them, nor were they ever close enough to hand.

Then I found Teux Deux. First off, I hate the name, though it is nice to see some vowels for a change (Jobr, anyone? Taskr?). Once I’d got past that, we got on splendidly and I’ve been using TeuxDeux for a few months now. Why?

It’s right in front of me: I set it as my browser’s homepage so I always see what I’ve got to do, and I can easily add items when something pops into my head.

It’s pretty: I can see everything at once without clicking through menus. In fact, it’s almost like using paper.

It has just enough features: I can organise my lists, add categories, move items from ‘someday’ to an actual day, add events way off in the future and only see them when relevant. I can drag & drop items, create headings, edit items, choose dates. I like to keep a few lists in the ‘someday’ section – a misc list for any random items, a leads/ideas list, and a list with goals for each month. With a bit of playing TeuxDeux can do anything a to-do list needs to do – which isn’t much.

And that’s the beauty of TeuxDeux – there’s absolutely nothing there that I don’t use, which means less noise and more doing.